Dear Colleagues,

I am profoundly grateful for the honor that has been bestowed upon me to serve as President of MOCAAPI. The wonderful team looks forward to an exciting and productive next two years. I am impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of our previous officers. Their loyalty has enabled MOCAAPI to grow in both size as well as quality. We hope to continue this momentum and and take MOCAAPI to ever reaching new heights.

As a team, we hope to enhance support and facilitate the delivery of compassionate, high quality healthcare to our patients. With a constantly evolving healthcare industry affecting us in numerous ways, I believe now more than ever unity is the key to our success. For the past several years, different healthcare organizations have been predicting the demise of private practice in the U.S. Administrative burdens, financial costs, long hours, and staffing issues have made several providers choose hospital based positions instead. Even though various predictions were made regarding private practice, independent practitioners still stand tall today. More than 60 percent of physicians still work in private practices and most out earn their hospital based counterparts. Hospitals, physicians, and the community can all benefit if we all work together. I strongly believe that working with one another, MOCAAPI and other physician organizations can help navigate the challenges ahead. We can keep our autonomy by staying united, by developing new practice models, and by listening to the ideas and suggestions of one another.

We will work together as professional colleagues, encourage and welcome new physicians, and promote cultural exchange to meet the needs of our members. Every great organization has its own ebb and flow. The key to enduring success, however, is to learn and evolve as a result of the challenges we face to ensure we remain relevant and vital for the future generations of MOCAAPI members.

Sanjay Kumar, M.D.
President, MOCAAPI