If you are a paid member of MOCAAPI you are eligible for online access to the members area of this website. This would include all Patron members and dues paid current annual MOCAAPI members. You could get your online credentials one of the two ways:
  1. Online: You would need to know your email on file with AAPI and have access to that email account. If you do, you simply click on the link 'Forgot password' below the Member Login box. This takes you to a screen where you can enter the email and once you hit enter, an email with the username and password linked to the member record associated with that email would be sent out. You simply would retrieve that email and come back to login with the username/password.
  2. Manually: If you do not have a functional email on record with MOCAAPI or have lost access to it, you would need to call MOCAAPI office to establish online access. You would be required to verify your credentials before an username and password would be released to you.
Once you have access, please verify your contact details, update username or password, upload a picture, enter your training details and select your privacy settings the way you prefer.

Once you login to the website, you can update your profile, bio, addresses, phone numbers and any other information by clicking the 'Edit Profile' link at the top.

You can also download a document which walks you through some of the initial steps to login and update your profile.

If you still experience any problems, please contact the MOCAAPI office.

Your privacy is of utmost concern to us at all times. If you are a current AAPI officer or trustee, your primary address on record as well as the primary telephone number would be available to the public. For all other members, you have complete control of your information. You could choose to display your address, phone or email in your member profile. In that case it would be visible to Members only after they successfully log in. If you have uploaded a picture of yourself for your profile and if you are a patron member, it could be picked randomly to display on the home page feature "Member Profile" along with your name. You do have the ability to opt out of this feature as well.

MOCAAPI offers a discount to the spouses of patron members only if they sign up for Patron membership also. The discount for annual memberships has been abolished.

At this time we are not setup to accept online credit card payments. However, we are actively looking at that possibilty and may add that as a future enhancement. In the meanwhile please make your checks payable to MOCAAPI and mail them to our mailing address.

Currently the access to the Members' area of this website is restricted to the paid active memberships only. Here are the possible reasons if you get an error message:

  1. Your email address does not match with what MOCAAPI has for you in their database. Please contact MOCAAPI office to update your email.
  2. You are a non-member of MOCAAPI or your membership might have expired. All Annual memberships irrespective of start date expire on Dec 31st. Please follow the link to Register as a new member.
  3. If you believe you have a paid membership which is current and your email address is correct, please call or email us and we should be able to rectify the problem.

Please note that you should be able to access most of the public areas of this website without having an username/password.