Foreign-Trained Doctors As Good As U.S.-Trained Counterparts

U.S.-born doctors who trained abroad had worst record of all, study finds

By Jenifer Goodwin
HealthDay Reporter

Trenton must halt medical brain drain

Amy Handlin
Assemblywoman R-Monmouth, represents the 13th state legislative district
Asbury Park Press, December 2nd, 2009

EHR mandates should be coupled with tort reform

Samuel R. Bierstock, MD
Publish date: Aug 21, 2009
Source: Medical Economics

Health-Care Reform: The Rush to Pass a Bad Bill

The proposed laws making their way through Congress fail to answer hard, real-life questions about cost & care
Benjamin E. Sasse & Kerry N. Weems
Publish date: July 2, 2009
Business Week

Million Med March

Richard Chudacoff, MD, FACOG
Las Vegas International Center for Advanced Gynecologic Care

Larger your waist line shorter is your life span!

Indian Diaspora in the U.S and Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome
By Purushotham Kotha. MD, FACC
AAPI Journal June 2009


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