2017 Year in Review

This was a very busy year at MOCAAPI. The Executive Committee would like to thank each and every member who have supported all our activities and made this into a special year for MOCAAPI. Here is a review of what all we were able to get to this year. We look forward to continue to serve you all in the upcoming new year as well. Please continue to provide us with your valuable input and criticism.

MOCAAPI 2017 Charitable Gala
This is upcoming event on December 2nd 2017 at Grand Marquis Old Bridge NJ. We will be updating the full report and pictures.

Golf Outing 2017
On July 12th 2017 we had our 8th charitable golf outing at Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Lakewood . It was attended by 100 golfers, monies raised will be used to help local charities.

Charitable Mission
MOCAAPI conducted a health camp for the first time at Siddhivinayak temple in Toms river.
MOCAAPI is committed to our charitable mission particularly in helping the local community and support the local charities. We organized three free health screening camps under the leadership of Dr. Akshay Patel, one each at Monmouth, Ocean and the Vraj temple. Approximately 350-400 patients were screened and counseled for Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Vision and dental screenings. We would like to thank all volunteer physicians for their time and commitment on behalf of MOCAAPI.

Summer Picnic
The Summer picnic at the Holmdel Park was attended by almost 100 people and was enjoyed by the kids and adults alike. Thanks to Dr Lamba and the executive committee for the successful organization.

Website Update
We have completely redesigned our website www.mocaapi.org. The new website is modeled after the AAPI website. It offers a modern design and has a content management system for easy content management. In addition it offers us the opportunity to accept banner advertisements and earn revenue for our annual operating expenses. We have also relocated our website to the AAPI dedicated server and have saved on hosting costs.

Educational Dinner Meetings
We had numerous educational dinner meetings this year. The attendance in our meetings has also increased with some meetings attended by up to 90 people. We have been making sure that we start on time. We applaud everybody for helping us by sending your RSVP’s. This helps us in organizing better. With the change in the pharmaceutical sponsorship guidelines it has become challenging to attract sponsors. We might need to explore alternative sources to sponsor our meetings.

Membership updates
With the commitment of our members we continued to enroll new members and life members.

We have started to use our own MOCAAPI email addresses which makes it easy for members to communicate back with the office bearers.

Executive Committee
The EC met four times during the year to plan and deliberate. Dr. Samir Jain has resigned from the EC at the end of this year because of other time commitments. We sincerely appreciate his active participation all during the year. Dr. Vikram Varma has kindly agreed to take up his position.

How can you help?
? Participate in all events
? Register for events by deadlines. Avoid no shows at all cost
? Volunteer to help or lead in organizing one event or activity
? Sign up for membership if you are not already a patron member
? Update your contact information particularly your email
? Help us connect with other Indian physicians in the area
? Advertise with us: Help us connect with potential advertisers for our website


Executive Committee of MOCAAPI
Vinod Sancheti, MD, President
Apurv Agarwal, MD, Vice President
Avinash Gupta, MD, Secretary
Gurpreet Lamba, MD, Treasurer
Tarun Bhandari, MD, Chair, Board of Trustees


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